Vancouver and Whistler Trip {Part V.}

I can’t believe it took 5 posts to include all our adventures for this week long trip to B.C.! It was definitely one of our best trips, and one that had a perfect balance of delicious food, exciting activities, beautiful sceneries, and R & R time.

Our last day in Whistler was New Years Eve. There was no shortage of family-oriented events in store around Whistler Village that day. For roughly $20 a person, we purchased wristbands that would enable us to hop from one event to another throughout the evening. We had early dinner reservations at Edgewater Restaurant, which was a cozy little restaurant next to the lake.

DSC_3409After dinner, we went back to our hotel for a quick dip in the heated pool, per Bridgette’s request. The water temperature still felt way too cold to me, and I did my best to tough it out, but I didn’t last too long in there… 🙂 I ended up spending most of my time in the steaming hot tub instead.

IMG_0255IMG_0258The first NYE party we went to had a special 9pm countdown just for the kids. We arrived around 8pm, which gave Bridgette a full hour to enjoy the balloon artist, face painter, tattoo artist, and origami teacher, all while watching snippets of cartoons that were playing in the theater. Talk about multi-tasking! 🙂

DSC_3416DSC_3414DSC_3429balloon1IMG_0435At 8:50pm, the children were asked to line up in preparation for the countdown and balloon drop that would happen right at 9pm. Excitement could be felt buzzing through the crowd! The big screen was showing the countdown at Times Square in NYC, and a DJ was on site to help facilitate for us in Whistler. The second our crowd finished the countdown, syncing with NYC, the stanchions in front of the children were removed and the flux of over energized kids flooded onto the floor that was entirely covered with bubble wrap. As the kids stomped feverishly on the bubble wrap, hundreds of balloons were released over the heads, creating an amazing atmosphere for everyone in the room!

After the count down, there was even a lion dance performance!

DSC_3425We party hopped to a different location after that, where there were giant bouncy houses and a nice variety of art and craft tables.

nye1IMG_0443 nye2IMG_0444We decide to stay up for the real count down that night and it was worth it….unbelievable energy and more amazing fireworks!

IMG_0460IMG_0462We left Whistler on New Years day to drive back to Vancouver, where we had one last delicious HK style lunch before boarding our flight home to SFO.

yvrfoodWhen we arrived to San Francisco and were leaving the plane, Bridgette once again said a loud good bye to the pilot when passing by the cockpit and as a result, got invited to go inside the cockpit to sit in the pilot’s seat! What a wonderful reward for her nice manners. 🙂

DSC_3442And that concludes our Vancouver + Whistler trip! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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