It’s awesome how many parties the girls get invited to regularly, and they’re not even in college! Between our friends and family, neighbors, and their classmates, it is no easy task when it comes to maintaining their social calendars. Alan has given up trying to stay on track, so we have a shared family calendar where I input all of the girls’ commitments and important school-related dates, and he knows to check that calendar before making any plans. Our lives so does not revolve around the girls these days. 🙂

We’re more inclined to fill up the girls’ calendar with fun social activities than academic ones, but with my sister around these days, we do manage to maintain a good balance for the girls in their academic arena as well. In the month of September, it was all about adjusting to life as kindergarten parents for us, which means PTA meetings, volunteering, overseeing homework assignments, etc. etc. I can’t figure out if it’s the learning curve of parenting a school-age child that feels overwhelming to me, or if having two children in the house has changed our overall “parenting” work load, or a combination of both, but boy, I can sure take a vacation right now…..maybe to an island in Fiji or something. Ofcourse, despite the exhaustion, I’d insist on bringing the girls anyway because the joy of having them around definitely outweighs the exhaustion.

Some of our fun events for the month of September…

Mina’s birthday party at Pump It Up

Celebrating baby Ethan turning 100 days young!

All dolled up for another birthday party
Happy Birthday to Sean!
The girls got invited to join a lavish breakfast inside the kitchen of the Palace Hotel for one of my wedding FAM tours

The girls loved their one night stay at the beautiful Palace Hotel
Ice skating party for Karina’s birthday
Ice skating lessons for Karina’s birthday
Birthday girl Karina led the way!

Still a little timid in her skates…

Happy birthday Karina!

For mid-autumn festival this year, we had a lavish homemade dinner at my Aunt’s house, followed by bites of the traditional moon cake. My sister got the girls these modern-day lanterns from Hong Kong, which, to me, were essentially inflated pool toys with a tiny bulb inside! Luckily, our friend Maureen gave us a few traditional lanterns that the girls were able to light up with real candles! 🙂


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


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