3 + 1 = 4

Having reached a consensus with Alan to keep our family at 3 a couple of years ago, I do sometimes still wonder what life would be like with a second child. Would our household be crazy and chaotic? Would quarrels become a part of our daily lives? Would the extra voice around the house bring more warmth and contentment to our dinner table?

Well, let me just say this….

“Praise the Lord!”

Without actually having to go through 9 months of dreadful nausea, without the uninvited weight gain of about 40 lbs, and without the horror of another painful labor, we get to expand our family to 4, for one whole year!

How is this possible? Well, beginning of July this year, Brianne–my lovely niece and Bridgette’s BFF since birth, moved in with us. Though my sister keeps reminding me that Brianne is only staying with us for a year, we are still beyond thrilled. I honestly feel so giddy, grateful, and blessed about this arrangement that I sometimes feel guilty. We are just too darn lucky!

We welcomed Brianne with open arms from the minute she arrived at SFO, with Bridgette taking the lead in all the preparations around our house to make Brianne feel right at home. Since then, the two have been attached at the hip day in and day out, with only occasional quarrels here and there. They’re siblings without the rivalry, best friends, and each other’s favorite companion.

This year will surely be filled with the most memorable adventures with Brianne and Bridgette under one roof. Best of all, the two of them will be starting the same kindergarten together. Happiness, excitement, and a dose of good chaos describes the state of our household right now, and we wouldn’t want it any other way… 🙂


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