Summer Love

Summer is in full swing, despite the fluctuating weather that tells us otherwise. (Seriously, I went from UGGs to flip flops back to UGGs all in a week’s time!) Before we left for our now annual Lake Tahoe trip, Bridge and I hit the spa to get a little mommy/daughter pampering time in! When I told her that I would be taking her for a mani/pedi, she was so excited she nearly lost sleep over it. The next day when I picked her up from school early, her teachers told me she couldn’t talk about anything else that day. 🙂 I love how the littlest things mean the world to kids at this age!

So off we went…to a nearby “green” nail spa that I happened to find on the Internet. It wasn’t the greatest, but Bridgette soaked it all in like a little princess. The technician was a bit annoyed that she couldn’t sit still, which of course resulted in a few nail crisis here and there. 🙂 All in all, we had a fabulous time together. Bridgette insisted on choosing the same colors for us so that we could be twins. Guess what colors she chose??

Afterwards, we headed to Dairy Queen to celebrate with chocolate dipped ice cream cones, another nostalgic memory from my childhood days in Idaho…






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