New Adventure

One of my fondest childhood memories have to do with bike riding. While living in Idaho, my BMX bike took me anywhere and everywhere. At only 8 years old, I got my first taste of freedom through my bike, as I was allowed to ride it on my own to many different places–school, library, roller skating rink, etc. At times, it became my imaginary “horse” as I maneuvered it with one hand, and held a baton (my imaginary sword) in my other hand. I gave friends a “pump” on my bike often, tried a variety of tricks that caused severe cuts and bruises all over my legs, and rode an average of 2-5 miles a day.

I stopped cycling once we moved back to San Francisco at age 10, since I became a city girl that took the bus everywhere. Still, cycling skills don’t ever go away, and I’ve enjoyed being on a bike again on some of the trips that Alan and I took. We’ve rode across the beaches of Barcelona, down rocky roads in Anguilla, even across the Golden Gate Bridge right in the Bay Area last year.

A few weeks ago, we spontaneously decided to hit Talbot’s Cyclery in San Mateo, and ended up leaving with two brand new bikes–one for me, and the other for Bridgette. I was beyond elated to get my hands on a bike again!

That evening, we biked (well, Alan roller bladed next to us 🙂 ) to a nearby park in our neighborhood after dinner, and enjoyed a “dessert picnic” on the grass with ice cream mochi while watching the beautiful sunset. It was definitely one of those “life is good” moments!







We’re looking forward to many great adventures on our bikes this summer!

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