Hawaii Trip | Lanai Part I.

After 2 adventurous and fun-filled days in Waikiki, we packed our bags again and flew 1 hour to the island of Lanai, also known as the Pineapple Island.

I first heard about the island when Cassie Coching, Catering Manager at the Four Seasons Silicon Valley, sent me an email to let me know that she has relocated to the Four Seasons Lanai. Curious, I did a few searches online to read up on the island, and was quite intrigued by it. There isn’t much there, with a small settlement of about 3000 people, and the main “attraction” is the Four Seasons resort itself. The photos looked beyond amazing though, so when Cassie invited me to bring my family there for a site inspection, I jumped at the opportunity, especially since we had plans to be in Hawaii anyways. It would be the “rest and relaxation” part of our trip, a perfect way to end our week long stay on the islands!

Upon arrival to the tiny airport of Lanai, the staff at the Four Seasons were quick to swoop us (and our luggages) up. We rode about 15 minutes on their shuttle, along a never-ending tree lined road which eventually led to the gorgeous view of Manele Bay….

The Four Seasons resort in Lanai is separated into two different properties–Manele Bay and The Lodge at Koele. Each has its own distinctive characteristics. We started our stay with 2 nights at Manele Bay, where our gracious hostess Cassie put us up in a beautiful ocean view room.

Bridgette was greeted with her own robe, slippers, and new humpback whale friend whom she named "Whaley"
Another lovely personal touch--little sponge letters spelling out Bridgette's name by the tub

We wasted no time in exploring the grounds. The decor is very much Asian-inspired, because the owner, David Murdock, is a huge fan of Chinese artwork. Ponds, mini waterfalls and fountains paved the way, and on any given morning, one can spot groups of spinner dolphins in the ocean.

There is a game room, a kid’s club, and a teen’s room inside the resort, amongst the pool, restaurants, and koi ponds. In other words, there is little opportunity for one to be “bored” on property.

After our exploration, we realized we were pretty famished, so we sat down for Happy Hour at their poolside Italian restaurant, which also happens to offer a magnificent ocean view! We had the BEST hummus ever, and even that seems to be an understatement. Because Alan is a hummus lover, we’ve made our way around Mediterranean restaurants for hummus, but none would even come close to this hummus at the Four Seasons at Manele Bay. Yes, it was really that good!

Besides the hummus, we also indulged in tuna tartare, seared scallops, fried calamari, and other delicious items on the menu.

After eating all that delicious food, Bridggy asked to take a night dip in the swimming pool. Lucky for her, the pool there remains open 24 hours a day, so despite the chilliness of the evening breeze, Bridgette enjoyed a full hour of night swim by herself. Alan and I stretched ourselves out on a nearby daybed to watch her.

Needless to say, Bridgette burned off quite a bit of energy at the pool. Just when she was complaining of hunger, we went back to our room to find another thoughtful amenity left behind for us during turndown service…perfect timing!

Look at how dark Bridgette got after a few days in Hawaii!

There is a reason why the beds at the Four Seasons resorts made it on Oprah’s “favorite things” list. We all slept like babies that night, and woke up feeling energized and refreshed!

On our second day at Manele Bay, Bridgette checked into Kids for All Seasons after breakfast, and spent the entire day there crafting with other children while Alan and I hit the beach.

Our view for the day....not bad, right? 🙂

Being a luxury resort, the Four Seasons naturally think of everything! Every so often, one of their friendly staff members would circle around offering smoothies, ice water, face mist, and my personal favorite–cleansing of your sunglasses and iPad!

Part II. coming soon….

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