Tea at The Secret Garden Tea House

It rained all week last week. My sister’s in town for a quick business trip, but took a day off to spend with us. What to do on a gloomy Friday, in the pouring rain? Bridgette had the perfect solution.

Let’s dress up and have high tea! 

Together with my sister and dad, we headed to the Secret Garden Tea House on Lincoln Street in the Sunset District of San Francisco. Bridgette loved how girly girl it was in there, with its floral patterned wallpaper and pink window coverings. Her favorite part was getting to try on all the different hats in there. I suppose I should teach her some British accent as well…. 🙂

It was obvious that nobody else thought to have high tea on a rainy day, as we were the only patrons in there. The tea sandwiches were pretty good, but the dessert selections were a bit disappointing. The scones were fantastic and we had to order extras!

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