Brianne’s 5th Birthday Party

One of the reasons Bridgette and I extended our stay in Hong Kong was to celebrate Brianne’s 5th birthday with her. Brianne’s birthday is actually January 26th, but my sister decided to host her birthday party earlier this year so that Bridgette and I could attend. It was our very first time celebrating Brianne’s birthday with her, and we savored in every moment.

Brianne’s birthday party was held at Pizza Hut, where she and her classmates became chefs for the afternoon. Being the party planner that I am, I couldn’t resist doing something that would put a special touch to the party. I decided to make cute little chef’s hats and custom aprons for the kids! Unfortunately, I fell ill right after coming up with my brilliant idea, so it only made sense that I delegated the project out to my trusty assistant–my mom. 🙂

Just a little background on my lovely mommy. She’s a perfectionist. Anyone who knows her well can attest to that. And, she goes above and beyond when tasked with any project. If she can’t put in 300%, she’d rather not do it. So, I knew she’d carry the same attitude towards this project for Brianne’s birthday, and she did not fail me at all! In fact, she spent quite a bit of time and foot work scouting for materials, taking measurements, and creating prototypes. In the end, there just wasn’t enough time for the seamstress to make the aprons, and despite my mom’s insistence to buy her own sewing machine to make 26 aprons on her own, my sister and I convinced her to let it go.

It’s a good thing we did let go of the aprons, because the hats alone were quite time consuming to make. It’s a 6 step process that took 3 of us approximately 5 hours to make, and yes, we stayed up way too late the night before the party finishing up this project. But, it was such a big hit at the party that it was well worth all the efforts!

The pizza making session was a bit chaotic, with over 20 kids hovered over 4 very small tables, but that didn’t seem to bother them at all as they eagerly threw handfuls of toppings onto their pizza crusts. The parents snacked on pasta, salad, and chicken wings before indulging in the delicious pizzas that the kids made. I had to force myself to step back and enjoy the party, but what I really wanted to do was blow my whistle, and crack my whip to keep things orderly and on schedule! 🙂

Cupcakes from Sift, in an assortment of yummy flavors
Left: Brianne and her BFF from school, Sophy Law

Brianne, the gracious hostess, ready to pass out her party favors and to bid her guests farewell
Bridgette was more than happy to lend a helping hand when it came time for Brianne to open her gifts

Happy birthday, little lady! We love you so much!

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