Life in Hong Kong

We’ve been in Hong Kong several weeks now, and it sure feels like we’re permanent residents here. I think this is one of the longest trip that we’ve taken as a family. Alan and I are both working remotely from our laptops, but it’s been a challenge to stay focused because our days are still being filled to the max with activities. To make up for lost time, we’ve been staying up through the wee hours of the morning, catching up with work (and with my blogs). Alan left last night, while Bridgette and I have another 8 days to go. With all the holiday festivities behind us, perhaps things will quiet down for the remainder of our trip.

Life in Hong Kong is dramatically different than the Bay Area. For one thing, we’re kind of spoiled here because my sister has a live-in domestic helper/nanny who takes care of her daughter, does all the cleaning and chores around the house (including the laundry!) and cooks as well! Having live-in helpers are the norm here in Hong Kong for the average family, but it’s been a real treat for us who comes from the States and does all the cooking, cleaning, and babysitting ourselves! Imagine always coming home to a sparkling clean house with delicious food on the table every night, and neatly ironed and folded laundry on your bed every other day. It definitely reduces your stress level by a few notches, even when you have screaming, whining kids in the house. We’ve been able to benefit from my sister’s domestic helper since we’ve arrived. I have not had to lift a finger to do any kind of cleaning or laundry, breakfast is always served to me the minute I wake up, and I’ve been able to leave Bridgette behind on different occasions as well. Lovely! How will I ever transition back to my normal life in the States? 🙂

We’ve really enjoyed reconnecting with our friends and family here in Hong Kong, even though that means more eating out than our bodies can tolerate. To balance things out, we’re taking public transportation as much as we can and walking a lot, to get some extra exercise in. I don’t remember the last time that I’ve taken public transportation in the Bay Area, so this is certainly a nice change, and one that Bridgette loves.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves once again…..

Spending as much time with great grandma as possible
Dinner with Auntie Grace, Uncle David, and adorable little Kristin
Lunch at Grand Hyatt's poolside grill with cute Jayden
Shabu shabu at Mou Mou Cow
Holiday shopping!
Hotpot with Alan's friends Daisy, Raymond, and their pretty daughter Ynes

Lunch buffet at Eaton Hotel

Bus ride and MTR ride
Hanging out at Stanley Market on a beautiful, sunny day
High tea at the Intercontinental Hotel

Tsim Sha Tsui harbor view

Discovered an awesome play space for kids in Wan Chai

Uncle Hoi took the girls to a really nice park name Zhongshan Memorial Park in Sai Ying Poon
The girls loved Uncle Hoi sooooo much!

Celebrating my sister's Chinese birthday. The girls picked a pretty butterfly ring as a gift!

Silly girls, they even shared one backpack together!
Play date with friends Sean and Ian
Our favorite breakfast joint in Aberdeen
At Ocean Park
Bridgette's first encounter with a real panda bear!
The tram ride was our favorite part of the whole park
Spectacular view while on the tram

Waiting for the dolphin show

Picking fresh seafood for our lunch in Sai Kung


Wonderful seafood feast right by the water in Sai Kung

We later realized it is more cost effective to buy the seafood from these boats rather than the restaurants
Nothing beats these old fashion, nostalgic ice cream trucks in Hong Kong!

Shopping in Sai Kung
All dressed up for Sunday church
Lunch at Pacific Place after church
Dinner at this famous Sha Tin street side restaurant, reputable for their chicken porridge
Wonderful evening dining with my aunt, uncle, cousin and niece
Bridgette and her cousin Yun Yun
Soooooo delicious!

I'm normally not a beer kind of gal, but I LOVE Yanjing beer!
Left: Delicious home cooked meal at Chung Ma Ma's home | Right: Bridggy trying mommy's favorite dessert
Bridgette acting goofy with Chung Ma Ma
Endless eating adventures in Hong Kong...

Wow, did we really do this much over the last few weeks?

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