Merry Christmas!

Christmas in Hong Kong is very different than Christmas in the Bay Area. It’s a lot more festive, with themed decorations at every shop and mall you come across, big or small. Beautiful window displays draw your attention at every corner, and people swarm excitedly around you at all hours of the day as they scurry to finish their Christmas shopping. From Toy Story to Feather Wonderland, we have made our rounds to admire all the different Christmas decor in Hong Kong this year.

As entertaining and jubilant as this city is at this time of the year, I have to admit that I do miss the warmth and intimacy that the holidays in the Bay Area brings. Hot chocolate by the fireplace, the scent of a freshly cut Christmas tree….I miss our traditions from back home which we weren’t able to bring with us to Asia! At the same time, I feel grateful to be spending the holidays with the people that I love most. In one place. Healthy, happy, harmonious. After all, behind all the glitz and glam, the people are what really matters.

If there is one wish to be made this Christmas, I wish for these moments to last forever.

Merry Christmas everyone, and may you be surrounded by people that you love.

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