Hong Kong, Our Second Home

Sometimes, I can’t decide which feels more like home to me– Hong Kong or San Francisco. The overcrowded city and polluted air of Hong Kong often gets to me, but I can’t deny that there are many attributes of this colorful city that feels like home. I spent the first 6 years of my life here as a child, and although I don’t have much specific memories from those early days, there are sounds, scents, and sights that evoke deep emotions in me when I am here. Thus, I have decided to call this beautiful place my second home.

It has been such an amazing trip so far, and we are having way more fun than we care to admit without feeling just a teeny bit guilty. 🙂 I’m still sneaking in “work time” here and there, but the holiday spirits are luring me into daily doses of entertainment all over Hong Kong. I wouldn’t even know where to start if I were to blog about everything that we’ve been doing here, so I’ll just let the photos and captions tell our story…

Lunch at iSquare with Por Por

Signing in for Hoi and Lindsay's wedding

Dancing queens at Hoi and Lindsay's wedding
Left: Robbing the chocolate fountain | Right: Hubby with his BFF
A beautiful, clear evening at The Peak
Even the girls were mesmerized by the view...
Love how playful they are with one another

Four generations together!
Hong Kong style BBQ at Shek O


Hovering in dirty alleyways to enjoy yummy street food

Can't get enough street food!

Enjoying holiday decor around Hong Kong
Train ride to Hong Kong Disneyland
Bridgette was ecstatic to see Tinkerbell!

Painting Christmas ornaments at home
Immersing themselves in the Christmas feather displays at World Trade
Ran into Santa Claus at World Trade! Bridgette's first question for him was, "Where's Rudolph?"
Lunch at Times Square
Left: High tea at the Mandarin Oriental | Right: Bridggy with Por Por at the JW Marriott
A day at the HK Zoology and Botanical Gardens

Making gingerbread houses which eventually became large cookies
Celebrating our 9th year wedding anniversary with dinner at Tosca, on the 102nd floor of the new Ritz-Carlton Hotel
After dinner drinks at Ozone
Found a street named after me, or maybe it's the other way around 🙂
Girls day! Teppanyaki lunch in Causeway Bay
Spending time with Chung Por Por
Our annual dessert buffet at the Grand Hyatt

Their favorite breakfast....
Always partners in crime 🙂

With all the fun activities everyday, this is what usually happens by the time we head home…

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