Bridgette is an only child, so Alan and I make a conscious effort to arrange lots of socializing opportunities for her. Our weekends are normally packed with activities with her friends, from birthday parties to crafting sessions to sleepovers. Even on weeknights, we try to have at least one playdate a week for her, since she doesn’t have to be buried in homework yet. We truly believe that adequate socialization and unstructured play helps with her development in all areas, and so far, that has proven to be so. Bridgette is a very secure and outgoing little girl, extremely expressive and creative, with good social skills. We realize that once she starts kindergarten, she will need a little more focus and structure in her daily life, but for now, we love the diversity that she gets.

Last weekend, we had two birthday parties back to back. For Ethan’s party, Bridgette got to bowl for the very first time. She didn’t seem too excited at first, asking why the bowling shoes couldn’t be pink. She and Karina would hold their 6 lb balls and wander around, not sure what they were suppose to do. After a few quick lessons from the dads though, and the help of a metal rail that resembled a slide for the bowling ball, the kids were well on their way to knocking those glow in the dark pins down!

Bridgette chasing Ethan around to give him a birthday kiss. Rejections happen at an early age, I realized.
Bridgette plopped herself down with her bowling ball and asked what she was suppose to do, haha

Bridgette loves Angelina like a little sister, so sweet!
Happy Birthday Ethan! Bridgette totally thought she was a part of the family in this photo, so funny! 🙂

On Sunday, it was Tyler’s first birthday, held at his home in our old neighborhood at Rivermark. Bridgette loved hanging out with her best buddy Chloe. By pure coincidence, the two were dressed like twins that day!

Another lovely cake from Joanne Wong's Beautiful Kitchen
Getting multiple kids to smile for the camera is no easy task!
Photo credit: Dorothea Lee
Photo credit: Dorothea Lee
Goofy Kids!

Over the weekend, we also invited our friends Teju and Lily over for dinner, along with their two beautiful girls Sophia (7 years old) and Suzanna (4 years old). Bridgette immediately wanted to bring them to her room to play, and I was once again amazed at how easy it is to form friendships at their age.

Bridgette immediately invited her new friends to dress up with her!

Making necklaces together

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