Four is definitely my favorite age so far. Ofcourse, I said it was 3 last year, and then 2 the year before that. I hope this means that I’m going to love and enjoy every age that Bridgette grows into!

Sure, I miss holding and cuddling Bridgette as a baby, hearing her funny babbles, and the endearing moments of her toothless smiles. But there really are different things to enjoy with her at every age. Right now, at 4 years old, she has become an amazing companion to me on so many levels. We do a lot of really fun things together, and the wonderful interaction between us is something I have dreamt about for years.

At 4, she understands so much, yet she’s still profusely curious about the world. We have some of the funniest conversations; at the same time, she also poses many thought-provoking questions to me as well. That little mind of her amazes me every single day. She has an astonishing memory too, and loves reminiscing with me. Just the other day, she said, “Mommy, remember that time we flew home from Hong Kong and were jetlagged, so we went shopping at Safeway in the middle of the night? That was so fun; can we do that again?” She was only 2 years old then, so I was amazed that she still remembered, after 2.5 years later! She loves reminding me of the fun times we’ve had in the past, especially from our travels, so I know she really soaks up every experience to the fullest. I love that about her! In fact, she has a better memory than Alan and I. Last weekend, we invited one of her closest friend, Karina, over for their first sleepover party together. When I gleefully congratulated Bridgette on being old enough for her first sleepover, she said, “Mommy, this really isn’t my first sleepover, because when we were at Disneyland, Karina came over to our hotel room to sleep and that was our first sleepover together.”

Some recent activities that Bridgette loved this Fall…

Gift wrapping for her friends' birthday parties
Painting ceramic figurines
Learning to hula dance at Karina's birthday party
Face painting is always a winner for my little girl!

Nothing's ever dull around our household, as Bridgette spruce things up with her artistic skills
This is Bridgette's favorite part of the pumpkin carving process
Teamwork is big in our household, for all kinds of projects!
Never one to be afraid of dirts and messes, Bridgette loves getting down and dirty with her art projects
I am definitely a sucker for moments like simply melts my heart!
Taking impromptu walks around the neighborhood with good friends

Soaking up the last of the sunshine...

Our last visit to Great America before it closes for the season!
Bridgette really wanted to go to Great America's Halloween Haunt this year, but the staff there highly discouraged us from taking her due to her age...
Bridgette happily volunteered to be on stage for the Backyard Circus show, because they needed Butterfly Ballerinas!
It was really cute that Alan volunteered to get on stage too 🙂

We’re busy fine-tuning our preparations for Halloween this week. Happy Monday everyone!


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