Welcome, Ivan Leung!

For 9 months, Bridgette has patiently waited to meet her new cousin…

I am absolutely elated to announce that he has arrived! Ivan Stanley Leung, son to Alan’s brother Steve Leung and his wife Shirley Cheong, was born this evening at 6:10pm, at Mills Peninsula Hospital. He weighed 7.7 lbs and was 20.5 inches long.

We have all been eagerly anticipating the arrival of this new family member, and he must have been eager to meet us as well, because he came 4 days early. Bridgette, when she first learned of Ivan’s arrival this evening, insisted on painting a picture for her new baby cousin.

Family photo of Steve, Shirley, and Baby Ivan. Artist: Bridgette Leung

After dinner tonight, we excitedly headed over to the hospital with Shirley’s parents to meet Ivan. He is their first grandchild, and it was endearing to witness the proud glow in their eyes as they held Ivan in their arms. Bridgette, ofcourse, was an eager beaver to touch and hold Ivan as well. Her first comment when she saw him was, “Baby, you are so cute!” The nurse was kind enough to let Bridgette “assist” her in washing Ivan’s hair, and Bridgette remained gentle and caring towards her little cousin.

Proud parents and grandparents!

It’s been awhile since I held a newborn baby, but it felt so natural the moment I held Ivan in my arms. He was asleep pretty much the entire time that we were there, with an occasional shriek to prove that his lungs worked perfectly fine. We all thought he resembled Bridgette a bit as a newborn, but then again, don’t all newborns kind of look alike? 🙂

It was a long labor for Shirley, but we are all very thankful that both she and baby Ivan are healthy and well. Welcome to our family Ivan!



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