Retail Therapy

There’s nothing that a little retail therapy can’t help, at least when it comes to the female specie. After a morning of ‘unfriendly competition’ around the house, the girls got a dose of retail therapy to lift their spirits. In perfect 70 degree weather, we headed south for Stanford Mall.

Trying on shoes at Gap Kids
The girls' all time favorite--Sephora!

The girls ended up walking out of Sephora like they were beaten, but who has the heart to tell that to two 4 year old girls glowing with pride at the ‘beautiful’ makeovers they gave themselves?

We were perfectly happy to leave Stanford Mall with a full wallet and empty shopping bags, but we couldn’t leave without a visit to Pinkberry!

That evening, we got to enjoy lots of fruit sampling at San Carlos’ Farmer’s Market, and we did not go home empty handed from that trip!

After being in the sun for an entire week, a little mini-facial was in order when we got home that night. Think cucumbers, lotion, and more lotion!

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