I’m really, really lucky to have grown up amongst a group of cousins whom I’ve been very close with. Many of my fondest memories are from the times that we’ve shared together growing up. As I mentioned in my previous post, I feel that cousins are a combination of ‘family + friend’, and it is such a special relationship! I’ve always hoped that Bridgette would be blessed with lots of cousins too, and indeed, she’s very close with her cousins Brianne and Jovian. In fact, she and Jovian are now attending the same pre-school, and their teachers constantly talk about how sweet and caring they are to one another at school!

With Brianne and Sherwin here from Hong Kong, we thought it’d be fun to get them together with Bridgette and Jovian for a ‘cousins play date’. To help us keep our sanity, we decided to stay home for this play date. 🙂 Jovian arrived and immediately felt right at home, but since it was Sherwin’s first visit to our home, it took some time before he felt comfortable playing with Bridgette’s toys. His favorite was Bridgette’s pink guitar from Cabo, and Brianne’s green binoculars from Hong Kong!

A little huddling going on here...
Getting all four to stand still and smile for the camera took some serious bribing!
Cute, little mischievous Jovian!

We ordered pizza for lunch, and when it finally warmed up outside after lunch, we changed the kids into their swimsuits to have some fun on our new ‘slip and slide’!

The kids were eager to help set up the slip and slide!

It took us less than 15 minutes to bathe the kids and put them all down for a nap after all the water fun. I would definitely call that a success!

We hope to have the cousins hang out together more this summer! 

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