Los Cabos Trip, Part II.

The 90+ degree temperature in Cabo left us with little desire to leave the water, and with 5 different pools at the resort, there really was no reason to be out of the water at all.

Alan did get his scuba dive fix one morning, and had a remarkable time 50 ft underneath the ocean surrounded by all kinds of cool creatures!

There was a Kids Club at the resort, so I signed Bridgette up for a few craft sessions, which she thoroughly enjoyed. It gave me a bit of time to catch up on my reading by the poolside as well!

Bridgette making her very first seashell necklace
The special vase that Bridgette made for mommy

We dined by the beachfront one warm, breezy night, at Pueblo Bonito Rose, the sister property of Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, where we enjoyed more cocktails and (what else?) Mexican food.

We enjoyed our last evening in Cabo on a sunset cruise to see the famous arch and other rock formations at sea. I was secretly hoping we’d catch a glimpse of a whale on the way, but instead, we saw flying fishes, which was pretty cool too!

There was an open bar on the boat, and that is not a can of soda in my hand...

Bridgette dancing with daddy to the sunset!

After the cruise, we stopped for some ice cream by the pier before heading back to our resort. Because Bridgette, like mommy, believes that the only proper way to end an already perfect day, is to add some sweetness to it…

Adios for now Los Cabos! We will surely be back again!

My favorite part of a plane ride is the initial descend, where I can see an endless array of cotton-ball clouds right beneath the plane. It is so entrancing, and I can’t help wondering each time if I am getting a sneak peek of what heaven looks and feels like.

After a week full of sun and fun, and two shades darker, it still made us happiest to see this view as we descended into San Francisco.

We couldn’t wait to be home, sweet, home!

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