Summers and Strawberries

Summer is finally here! We’re cranking up the AC during the day and lovin’ the cool breeze through our windows at night. Summers for us means lots of strawberries, ice cream, and outdoor activities. My mother in law is an avid gardener with an amazing green thumb, and she gifted Bridgette a strawberry plant that she has been growing for years. We’ve enjoyed watching the seeds blossom into plump, luscious berries for our enjoyment.

Toe colors and flip flop styles are very important elements for our summer fashion

We kind of overdid it last week by buying 8 quarts of strawberries home. It was hard to resist when they looked SO fresh at the Farmer’s Market, and we were offered a 10% discount because the market was about to close! With all that strawberry, I decided to try making a fresh strawberry pie. In about 3 seconds, I found 10+ recipes on google, and picked the one with the highest review (okay, it also had the simplest instructions).

Bridgette is always eager to help with any type of cooking projects, but we really have to work on her ability take instructions patiently. Her favorite parts include the mixing and the sampling. Forget recipes and measuring spoons. If it was up to Bridgette, she’d toss everything into a big bowl and start chunking it down!

I turn my head away for a second, and in goes Bridgette's fingers....



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