Farewell Alice!

I’ve always hated saying good bye. I remember when I was around 8 years old and living in Idaho, I had this thing about people saying ‘See You Later’ as an expression. I would lit up when they say that, taking it literally that I will see the person later on in the day, only to be disappointed when I was reminded that ‘later’ could possibly mean tomorrow, or next week.

I’m not quite sure why I felt so anxious about good byes, but I’ve just never liked it. I love picking people up at the airport, but when it’s time to send them off, I do so with a lump in my throat. Ofcourse, as I grew older, goodbyes got easier for me, because I had more control over when I could actually see the person again. Still, when my cousin Alice announced her plans to relocate to Hong Kong a few weeks ago, that sudden familiar feeling of sadness swept over me once again.

I’ve always considered it a HUGE blessing that I grew up with many cousins. They are not only like family to me, but we’ve grown to be very close friends through the years. We’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs together, and have shared more than a few good laughs. I look forward to hanging out with them all the time.

Now, Alice is joining my sister and another cousin of mine, Joanne, in Hong Kong. They’re leveling the playing field a bit I guess. 🙂 We will miss you Alice, but we look forward to visiting you in Hong Kong!


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