Playing Hooky

Since I will be leaving town by myself for 10 days, I decided to take a couple days off during the week to spend some quality time with Bridgette. Weekends are always filled with family gatherings and activities with friends, so I thought it’d be fun to play hooky with Bridgette on a Monday and declared it a special ‘Mommy and Bridgette’ day. She was ecstatic!

With the rain finally behind us and the true evidence of Spring all around us, Bridgette and I headed out to San Francisco for our day of adventure. As with all adventures, there was bound to be some bumps in the road. The minute we exited the freeway, the car started choking and came to a complete stop on the road. That was when I saw the ’empty gas’ light staring at me and the sad gas needle way below the E. Oops! I guess I wasn’t too use to my new car’s dashboard yet!

Luckily, after walking a few blocks, I found a body shop with a really nice owner who pitied the silly mom that ran out of gas with a 4 year old in the car. He sent one of his guys to walk us back to our car with a gallon of gas, filled it up for us, and off we went! Big kudos to this body shop:

The slight detour exhausted me just a bit, but it didn’t stop us from the excitement of the day. We started off with a carousel ride at Yerba Buena Gardens ($3 for 2 rounds, great deal!) where Bridgette had the hardest time making up her mind on which horse to get on. Then, we had lunch at Mo’s Grill before absorbing the sunshine outside at the park in Yerba Buena Gardens. They have some seriously tall slides there, but my fearless Bridgette did not hesitate for a second to try them out!

In the afternoon, we went to the Zeum museum, also at Yerba Buena Gardens, where Bridgette made a mad dash to the dress up section to put on Aurora’s dress and made me play Sleeping Beauty with her. We then made princesses from clay, tackled the lego board, and drew with a laser pointer. I think Bridgette is still a bit too young for this museum, but we had a good time nonetheless.

Our last stop was Beard Papa where I allowed Bridgette to indulge in a vanilla cream puff, yum!

Mommy and Bridgette sipping on an oreo shake 🙂

The speed was so high on this slide she almost flew off when she came down!

Trying to be artistic with the clay
Bridgette begged me to make a Cinderella out of clay....I was trying my best!
Left: mommy's version of a clay Cinderella | Right: Bridgette's version of a clay Arial

Bridgette was so tired that she fell asleep the minute we got into the car. She napped for 2 hours, and was bursting with energy again when she woke up. So, Alan took her swimming at the Pacific Athletic Club near our house, and she had a blast! Bridgette has always loved the water, and we credit it to our craziness of dunking her (playfully) in our tub when she was just one month old.

Bridgette is like a fish in the water

This was no ordinary swim though. Bridgette made a huge milestone by swimming without any floating device for the very first time! She is such a natural, because she never had any swimming lessons before! Watch out Michael Phelps 🙂 See a short clip of our brave girl by clicking here.

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