Happy Birthday Bridgette!

It is such a bittersweet feeling as we celebrate Bridgette’s birthday every year. We love watching her grow and blossom into the beautiful, energetic, fun-loving girl that she is now. At the same time, we wish we could savor the baby-ness in her for just a little longer…

At age 4, she has become quite an independent, articulate, and intelligent little being. We are amazed by her every single day! She loves singing and dancing (especially to the tunes of one of my favorite childhood musicals, The Sound of Music), and she is eager to help with all the household chores! Let’s see how long that will last! She also loves to be read to, but just recently, she has learned to enjoy reading to others as well. She doesn’t quite know how to read phonetically yet, so when she ‘reads’ a book to us, it is usually a favorite book that she has memorized.

Last week, Bridgette had an early birthday celebration with her schoolmates at her new school. We invited her grandparents (minus Por Por who is still in Hong Kong) to join the festivities as her schoolmates sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bridgette. It was Bridgette’s first birthday celebration at school, and she thoroughly enjoyed every bit of that attention.

Bridgette's teacher, Ms. Jenny, putting the candles onto her birthday cake
Bridgette and her grandparents, right before she blows out the candles
Bridgette's favorite part--blowing out the candles!

On her actual birthday, we attended the birthday party of one of her good friends Ashley. Ashley and Bridgette were born just two days apart, and although they don’t see each other as much as they’d like, we still try our best to have the girls celebrate their birthdays with one another every year.

Happy Birthday to Ashley!
Bridgette's turn at the Cinderella pinata
Good friends!

After Ashley’s birthday party, we got to spend some time with a few of Bridgette’s favorite aunts at Palomino. (Potato Gorgonzola and Vanilla Cream Soda is a must-have there! )

Here's Bridgette with her funny face again!
Daddy loves making moves that causes mommy's heart to drop! But, Bridgette loves the rush of adrenaline!

That evening, we had another mini-cake with candles to celebrate!

Bridgette making a wish, AFTER she blew out the candles. My daughter is a trendsetter! 🙂

Bridgette’s own birthday bash will be one week after her birthday this year, because mommy needs extra time to finish all her projects! Here are a few pictures of our work-in-progress….

Lots of craft projects going on simultaneously in preparation for Bridgette's birthday party!

Bridgette loves participating in all of mommy's craft projects!
A big, gigantic THANK YOU to E Ma and E Cheung for the surprise gift!

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