My 34th Birthday

It’s true that you lose count of your age once you surpass the 30 mark. For some reason, I kept thinking I was turning 32 this year, when in fact, my sister so kindly reminded me that I was turning 34. Whoah, 34!

As I near my birthday every year, I like to recall what my mom was doing when she was my age. My sister has an amazing memory, especially when it comes to dates and numbers, so she is always my resource for questions like that. When my mom was 34, she was running our restaurant in Nampa, Idaho while caring for my sister and I. I remember how busy that kept her. I guess I shouldn’t complain about my own busy schedule these days, as it really is ‘easy’ compared to what my mom was juggling at the same age.

This year, I got to celebrate my birthday with my sister’s family and my mom while they were all in town. My brother in law treated me to lunch at one of my new favorite restaurants–Calafia Cafe in Palo Alto. We spent the afternoon perusing through the fun little shops at Town and Country, and then my sister treated me to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in the city–Ame at the St. Regis. It was a terrific birthday, and I woke up to fresh, lovely flowers from my hubby!

My favorite beet salad

Sea Urchin Bruschetta--to die for!
Cheese plate after dinner

It is also true that you never know how much you appreciate your mom until you become one. So, for every birthday now, I want to toast my mom, my mother in law, and all the wonderful, hardworking moms out there!

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