Bridgette’s Quote of the Day

Bridgette: Mommy, it’s not right to fight for things right?

Me: That’s right!

Bridgette: Then how come adults always fight for the bill at restaurants?

I was stumped again, and had to contain my laughter. It’s a very ‘chinese’ thing…..this fighting for the bill after a meal. My parents do it ALL THE TIME whenever we eat out with relatives or with friends, so naturally, I do it too from time to time! It never occurred to me that when Bridgette is there witnessing this ‘fight’ for the bill, she would correlate it to what I have always taught her about not fighting with others over toys or other things. As I kept silent, thinking of the right thing to say, Bridgette continued…

Bridgette: Mommy, please don’t fight for the bill again. I don’t like it when you fight for things. It’s just not right.

Mommy: When adults fight for the bill, it’s actually an act of generosity, but since you are telling me that it makes you uncomfortable, I will be mindful of that next time.

Bridgette: Okay. I will remind you next time you do it. And grandma and grandpa too.

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