The Big Move

I have been pretty behind with my blogging, and I have a good excuse. WE MOVED!

To say that it was a daunting task is a total understatement. Our previous house was about 3,400 sq ft and in the 5 and a half years that we lived there, we used up all the wonderful storage spaces that we had to accumulate way more things than we needed. I wish I can blame it all on Bridgette and her toys, but truth be told, Alan and I are just as guilty with all of our ‘stuff’. I love pretty things, so I’ve bought my fair share of decor items around the house, and Alan has enough gadgets to open up shop! This move actually is a great thing for our family, because it is an opportunity to PURGE and donate/sell all the things that we don’t really need. Yet, it has been a huge undertaking for us to figure out what exactly we wanted to keep!

We are downsizing, to a 2300 sq ft home in Redwood Shores, which feels much more cozy and suitable for our small family of 3. Also, since Alan recently changed jobs and is now either working remotely at a client site or at home, we no longer need to stick around the south bay. I do miss the warmth and sunshine of Santa Clara, but living in the peninsula is so much more convenient for my work, where I drive out to San Francisco at least twice a week, if not more.

As with lots of other changes in life, this move has been bittersweet. I wasn’t totally attached to our Rivermark home, but every time I think back to the day where we brought Bridgette home from the hospital to her ‘first home’, it brings sentimental value to that home. Also, Alan and I spent nearly a year furnishing and decorating our home when we first purchased it, so A LOT of work and energy has been spent making it ‘our home’. We’ve thrown a lot of fun parties and created a lot of wonderful memories there with our friends and families. Still, it feels right to move on now, and we are at peace with our decision!

Here are some pictures that we took before we started packing up the house, so that we’d have more beautiful memories of the place where Bridgette first called home…

This was our family room where we spent most of our evenings
Laptops and TV--we can't live without them! 🙂
Reading by the fireplace
Part of our dining room
Bridgette's bedroom
Bridgette loves this lamb that her Uncle Steve and Aunt Shirley got her when she was a baby

Strawberry Shortcake or Berenstein Bear?

And then, the boxes arrived and the whirlwind packing began…

Loft area looking like a tornado had struck
Bridgette's playroom was quite challenging to pack up...
Here's Bridgette attempting to help with our packing

It took 5 professional movers 11 hours to complete the job for us the day of our move. Unbelievable! They used 1 24′ truck and 1 18′ truck and over 200 boxes of all sizes. This was AFTER we donated and sold 3 bedroom sets, 1 dining table set with buffet, 1 sofa set, and over 12 bags/boxes of clothes, toys, etc. When we first moved into the Rivermark home, we were uber excited about the amount of cabinets and storage spaces that we had, including the two walk in closets in the master bedroom, and the walk in pantry in the kitchen. Now, we realize that was not so much a ‘gift’ anymore, because it allowed us to hide our ‘stuff’ really well all these years, without ever feeling like we needed to do any purging. We’ve learned our lesson the hard way, and now we will surely think twice before buying anything again!

Here's Bridgette and Por Por in front of our new home!
Here's Bridgette helping again, this time, with the unpacking! Thanks Bridge!

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