Our Year in Review 2010

Happy New Year! It is hard to believe that 2011 is here. It didn’t seem that long ago that I was preparing to celebrate the millennium, which was 11 years ago! As we get older, time seems to pass us by even quicker. The end of a year is a great time to sit down and reminisce upon all that happened in the past twelve months. It is the perfect opportunity to reflect on all that things we have to be grateful for….

Here is our family’s year in review, by pictures!


Celebrated Por Por’s birthday with dinner at Il Fornaio


Celebrated Chinese New Year with grandparents and cousin Brianne
Bridgette’s cousin Kylie visited from Los Angeles!
Daddy taught Bridgette how to do a ‘bridge’ pose for the first time
Bridgette celebrated Yeh Yeh’s Birthday
Bridgette turned 3! Her cousins Sherwin and Brianne were here from Hong Kong to celebrate with her!
Ballet party for Bridgette’s 3rd birthday at Tutu School

Somewhere in the month of February, I’m sure we celebrated my birthday and Valentine’s Day too, though I can’t find any picture of it….sigh!


Bridgette began ballet and tap dancing classes at The Little Gym | She also tried a cooking class for the first time at the Young Chefs’ Academy
Bridgette learned how to dye Easter eggs for the first time | We celebrated Alan’s 36th birthday!


Easter egg hunt at Rivermark with good friends Chloe and Karina
Disneyland trip with one of Bridgette’s best buddies, Karina

Beautiful fireworks at Disneyland
Our first visit to California Adventures!
Our day trip to Santa Monica for some action at the beach!
Our first trip to beautiful Santa Barbara, full of sunshine and more beach fun!


Bridgette’s first strawberry picking adventure, in Gilroy

As the weather got warmer, we loved our sunday strolls at the farmer’s market in Mountain View
We celebrated Mother’s Day with a delicious Korean BBQ lunch
Bridgette had her first dental visit for her teeth cleaning, and did very well! Dr. Lee rewarded her with stickers and a new toothbrush.
Daddy recruited Bridgette to help wash his car, and they had loads of fun!


Once the heat rolled around, Bridgette spent lots of afternoons in the pool
Bridgette finished up her last season at The Little Gym
Hooray! Bridgette graduated from The Little Gym class!
We enjoyed occasional picnics in our neighborhood | Bridgette joined a summer camp for the first time, at The Decathlon Club!


Bridgette attended the wedding of Tracy and Paul, family friends of ours. She caught the bridal bouquet and was ecstatic!
Alan and I got to sneak off for a week long child-free vacation, to exotic Anguilla in the Carribeans!
We enjoyed a week of infinity pools, snorkeling, and pure bliss at the Viceroy Anguilla
BIG thanks to our parents for babysitting Bridgette while we enjoyed our time off!
On our way home from Anguilla, we stopped over in San Juan, Puerto Rico for 3 days to visit my aunts, uncles and cousins who live there

Bridgette at Raging Waters with her three cousins visiting from Hong Kong
Brianne joined Bridgette for the last two weeks of summer camp, and also enjoyed lots of outings together!


Brianne and Bridgette duck feeding with friends Karina and Chloe in San Jose
We celebrated Grandma Leung’s birthday at Sushi Sam in San Mateo
After Brianne left, Bridgette officially started pre-school! On the left here, she was parading around the school’s courtyard during Pajamas Day | We taught Bridgette how to roller skate for the first time!
We enjoyed our very first Giant’s game at PacBell Park and had a blast! | As the weather stayed warm, Santana Row was another one of our favorite places to hang out


I was invited to the Westin St. Francis for a complimentary weekend stay earlier in the year, and we decided to redeem it in September while the weather was still gorgeous. We got to be tourists in the city!
Beautiful day at Pier 39
Making pizza with mommy at home


We celebrated Kung Kung’s birthday with dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse in San Francisco
Bridgette attended Karina’s birthday party, which had a princess theme! She absolutely loved it!
We traveled to Hong Kong to visit Bridgette’s great grandmother, who suffered a stroke earlier this year and was hospitalized for 4 months
During our Hong Kong trip, Bridgette was a flower girl at a family friend’s wedding! She had been anticipating that event for months, and did really well walking down the aisle
For Halloween this year, Bridgette was a bumble bee ‘princess’ | She went on her first field trip with her class, to the pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay!


We put up our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving
Bridgette and her classmates begin rehearsing for their Christmas performance
Bridgette invited her friends over to build gingerbread houses together for the first time
We celebrated Christmas in Las Vegas this year with a few of our friends
Our next stop after Vegas was San Diego, where Bridgette got to enjoy both Legoland and Seaworld. In this picture, she was checking out the sharks at Seaworld’s Shark Excursion
Last, but not least, Bridgette got to sit on Santa’s lap before the year was over…

…and that sums up our 2010! It was eventful, that’s for sure. We look forward to more adventures in 2011!


  1. OMG! You’re family had more family time than anyone I know. It reminds me of my youth which was all about family. I admire you for not letting modern life get in the way of family. Congratulations!

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