Christmas Morning

I love waking up on Christmas morning to Bridgette’s excited squeal, urging me to get up and go downstairs with her to see if Santa came last night.

This Christmas morning, we ran downstairs as usual and were delighted to see that the cookies, milk, and chocolate that we left out for Santa were all gone….proof that he was indeed here, and hungry… just as we suspected!

Next to the empty plate and cup were two neatly wrapped gifts for Bridgette! She started tearing the wrapping paper off before I could take a picture. Truly, nothing beats seeing your child get so excited early in the morning!

This year, Santa got Bridgette a Tianna dress (the princess from the movie Princess and the Frog) and lots of Tianna accessories, including her famous mask, tiara, earrings, rings, and necklace! Ofcourse, Bridgette immediately asked to put everything on, so that she could magically transform into Tianna that very minute.

We then went back upstairs to wake daddy up so that we can start opening the gifts under the Christmas tree. Groggily, daddy followed us downstairs and watched as Bridgette excitedly ripped open gift after gift, squealing in delight at all the new toys and clothes in front of her. Mommy, ofcourse, just kept snapping pictures along the way!

More princess accessories and toys!

And then it was my turn…

This time, I squealed in delight at the shiny new Macbook Air in my hands! A few weeks ago, I had jokingly posted on facebook that I wish Santa would get me a new laptop, as mine was not working so well these days. I honestly did not expect that my hubby would take it seriously, but I sure am glad he did! Just holding the lightweight Macbook in my hands felt so good, and I cannot wait to convert to ‘the other side’ from a PC to a MAC!

I also loved the gift from my good friend Lisa Lefkowitz…photographer extraordinaire!

Thank you to all our friends and families for your wonderful gifts. We love them all! However, we are especially grateful for the best gifts of all this year, which is good health and a happy family!

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