First Flu Shot

I took Bridgette in for her first flu shot yesterday. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about kids getting really sick after their flu shots, so I’ve been feeling iffy about letting Bridgette get hers. But, since we will be traveling overseas in a week, I figured it’d be safer to give her the shot now and let her have some time to react to it.

She did so well! When we prepped her a few nights ago about getting the shot, she had her worried face on about the pain. But when we arrived at the pediatrician’s office she was as calm as a cucumber. The shot probably took 0.5 seconds and she hardly even flinched. To celebrate, we went for Pinkberry afterwards and ended up shopping at Stanford Mall for hours! Since Alan had dinner plans anyway, we enjoyed some mother-daughter time–shopping, eating, and having a blast! We went to Macy’s and Bloomingdales and had so much fun changing into different dresses in the fitting room. We ended up buying just one dress, for her to attend my assistant’s wedding next weekend….photos to come!

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