Bridgette’s Quote of The Day

Bridgette: “Mommy, how come Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse did not talk when we saw them at Disneyland? I said hi to them and they didn’t say hi back. It is rude not to answer people, right?”

She really stumped me on this one!

Me: “Yes, it is rude not to answer people when you know they are talking to you. But, I think Mickey and Minnie may not have heard you, because remember how noisy the park was? There were so many other children around them, so they probably couldn’t hear very well. They did wave hello to you, didn’t they?”

Bridgette: “Yes, they waved to me, and to the other children too.”

Me: “Well, that was very nice of them!”

Suggestions on how to address this one would be welcomed! I don’t want to tell her that these are fake characters, as I’d like her to have a little imagination.

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