Staying Focused

We have found it incredibly hard to keep Bridgette focused on any one project for a long time. She has such a short attention span, except when it comes to the television or ipad. Recently though, we have found something else that seems to keep her focused for quite some time–PUZZLES!

This Hello Kitty puzzle you see in the photo below is the very first puzzle that Bridgette completed on her own, without any help at all! It’s a 48 piece, and we were quite proud of her accomplishment. Her ability to focus for long periods of time when it comes to puzzles is fantastic and since then, we have purchased several other puzzles to keep her challenged. Alan went so far as to purchase a 300 piece the other day, but ofcourse that was way too hard to keep her interested. So, we have reverted back to 48 piece puzzles for now!





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