Quick 2 days in Montenegro

After our overnighter in Bosnia & Herzegovina, we drove 4 hours south to Montenegro. The drive was quite pleasant, despite the on and off rain, because we went through beautiful mountainous landscapes. Some sceneries were so stunning I had to pull over to take a good look!

Bridge has made for an excellent co-pilot on our road trip. She’s so good with navigation, has a perfect 20/20 vision, and is always keeping us upbeat with her music and snacks. The 4 hour drive sped by and before we knew it, we had arrived to Medieval town of Kotor. Finding a parking was difficult (old towns usually don’t allow vehicles inside), and when we finally found one, we had to trek our luggages in the rain to get to our hotel.

To be honest, our time in Montenegro was probably the most uneventful of our entire trip. By then, we were a bit tired from all that we’ve done around Croatia, so Montenegro became more of a rest stop for us. We explored around old town a bit on our first afternoon there, but the rain kind of deter us from staying out. We eventually just settled back into our hotel room, ordered room service, and enjoyed a very chill evening together.

Turned out, that was just what our bodies needed, and we woke up the next day feeling much more refreshed and energized. We hiked up to the Kotor fortress for a beautiful view of the city, and met a ton of cats along the way. Bridge bonded particularly strongly with one of them and didn’t want to leave, though we were warned by another hiker that some of those stray cats can get pretty feisty.

After our hike, we packed our car up and began making our way to our last destination of this trip–Dubrovnik, Croatia!

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