Surprise Trip (Part X. Provence + Lyon, France)

Following our time in Annecy with our Worldschooling friends, we were eager for more time with them, so we tailgated them to their next destination in the south of France–Provence!

They were staying in this huge house that was converted from an old olive oil mill, and had plenty of space, so they graciously invited Bridge and I to crash with them. We were in awe upon arrival as we drove through a small olive grove to arrive to this beautiful property.

It was such a delight to live in community with our friends during this special week in Provence! We cooked together, ate together, and chatted into the wee hours of the morning nearly every night. During the day, we would venture out to explore nearby towns and villages, which included the charming town of Uzes, the Haribo museum, the beautiful beaches of Cote d’Azur, and the Camargue National Park to see flamingoes and birds. The kids had so much fun learning and exploring together, while the parents were also happy to catch up over more wine and good food.

Good-byes are always hard, as was the case with our friends at this stop. Despite our sadness to part ways, both Bridge and I were incredibly grateful that we were able to add this to our itinerary, making it so much more fulfilling and memorable! Living in community is truly one of the best feelings.

We drove from Provence to our next stop, Lyon, and spent the next few nights there exploring yet another new city to us. Our time in Lyon was very low key. We slept in, explored the city mainly by foot, and discovered some local dishes that we fell in love with. My favorites were the Saint-Marcellin cheese and Salade Lyonnaise while Bridgette could NOT get enough of their Quenelle Lyonnaise!

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