Surprise Trip (Part VII. Salzburg, Austria)

Much to my delight, Salzburg was not left off our itinerary. Later on, Bridgette would share with me that she added this stop later in the planning, only because I kept hinting how much I wanted to go! 😂

And why did I want to visit Salzburg so much? Because I am a Sound of Music fan ofcourse! Fellow fans to this classic movie will know immediately that many of the scenes were filmed in Salzburg. I dreamt of staying at the Leopoldskron Palace, filming location of the Von Trapp family home that is now a hotel. Sadly, Bridgette said the hotel was fully booked for an event during our days there. She did, however, arrange for us to have a lunch picnic on the grounds of the palace!! I was sooooo excited to step foot on the familiar grounds that I had seen over and over again in the movie through the years.

The hotel has a special picnic package that Bridgette booked, where we basically just show up and are given the most elaborate picnic basket filled with savory goods, sweets, and drinks. After picking up our very heavy picnic basket, we picked a nice spot by the lake, which gave us both a great view of the palace and the water.

We spent several leisurely hours on the grounds, enjoying the food and idyllic scenery all around us. It was such a dream-come-true, memorable experience for me, thank you Bridggy!!!!

We stayed only 2 nights in Salzburg, but that still gave us enough time to wander through old town, and hike up to Hohensalzburg Fortress. The fortress is definitely worth the hike because it gives you a panoramic view of the entire city!

Salzburg concludes the end of our time in Austria! Of the 3 destinations that we hit up in this country, Hallstatt was definitely my favorite. Where did Bridgette take me next?

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