Surprise Trip (Part IV. Bratislava, Slovakia)

After our week in Budapest, we packed up one morning, hopped onto a bus, and went on our way once again. I had no idea where we’d land next, but Slovakia was definitely not on my radar. I am unfamiliar with eastern European countries so when Bridgette excitedly announced “We are in Bratislava,” I still had no clue where we were. 😂 Clearly this was just as much an educational trip for me as it was for Bridgette the worldschooler, lol.

We checked into our cute little Airbnb studio, which was right across from the famous, fairytale-like blue church of Bratislava. After settling in, we realized we were famished, so we walked to the nearby old town in search for some afternoon snack. Much of old town seemed to be closed since it was Sunday, but it was still fun to stroll around a totally new place!

That evening, Bridge took me to dinner at a pub! We got to try traditional Slovak food, such as dumplings with sheep’s cheese and garlic cream soup. It was all very tasty, but way too rich for my palette. I felt like I needed a salad afterwards to cleanse my system!

Our time at this stop was short, just a couple days, and it proved to be quite relaxing. We peeked into the lovely blue church across the street and fell in love with its cute interior. We strolled around old town everyday just because we love old towns. Bridge took me to the Kamzik Television Tower for a special lunch, where we dined at their revolving restaurant that gave us a 360 degree view of not just Slovakia, but all the way to Vienna! We also took a guided walking tour that took us to Bratislava castle and around old town to learn of Slovakia’s history and culture.

One of our favorite parts of old town was just the abundance of cute restaurants, cafes, and gelato shops available. It was really hard to pick and choose which ones to try since we were only there for a few days! We also spent a leisurely afternoon watercoloring at one of the cafes, which is an activity we’ve really grown to love while traveling.

Though our time in Bratislava was short, I really enjoyed getting a small flavor of a whole new country with my favorite travel companion!!

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