Chinese New Year, Birthdays, and Staycation in Kerry Hotel in Hong Kong

Our time in Hong Kong is always precious because we get to be with our family every single day. Bridgette arrived to Hong Kong on the eve of Chinese New Year. She and I stayed a night at the Page 148 hotel in Hong Kong so that we could conveniently stay out a little later. We had a lovely dinner with my parents, and then met up with our friends Maria, Horace, and their daughter Madison for a second dinner and drinks. I know, it was only Bridge’s first night and we were already so wild. Jetlag? What jetlag?

On the morning of Chinese New Year, Bridge and I checked out of our hotel, and then had brunch at one of the few cafes nearby that were open. Chinese New Year is a big deal in Hong Kong, so many places are closed, just like Christmas in America.

Hong Kong malls are also known to get decked out to the theme of every holiday worth celebrating, so we found an open mall that had this really cute CNY theme in a ton of pastels. 😍

We then met up with our fam bam, and enjoyed a wonderful home cooked meal by Mimi!

When I was young, Chinese New Year to me was all about those “red pockets” that were filled with money by generous friends and family members. I relied on that money to go out with my friends and to buy little knick knacks throughout the year. Now, as an adult, I am part of the adult tribe that gives out the “red pockets” filled with money, and I do not mind that at all!

We always have a ton of reasons to celebrate at the beginning of the year. Right after Chinese New Year, it was Brianne’s birthday, and we celebrated with lunch at this beautiful Japanese restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui that offered a panoramic view of the Hong Kong skyline! It was my first time there, and I couldn’t stop taking pictures!!

After Brianne’s birthday at the end of January came my birthday on February 1st, and then Bridgette’s birthday mid-month. As a birthday gift to both Brianne and Bridgette, Mimi treated them to a fancy lunch at the French bistro Maison ES (by themselves!), and then I treated them to a Japanese hair salon for their very first hair coloring experience!

For my birthday, we went on a hike in Sai Kung, which was exhausting, but at least we were treated to a extraordinary view towards the end! 😍

My birthday dinner was at the iconic Jimmy’s Kitchen, one of Hong Kong’s oldest restaurant that has since closed its door after being in business for 92 years! We had no idea it would our very last time there, so I will definitely cherish the memories of this very special birthday dinner.

We celebrated our birthdays some more by taking a girls’ staycation at the Kerry Hotel, a stunning property right by the harbor. Because COVID was already becoming more serious in Hong Kong at the time, we practically had the entire hotel to ourselves, and we asked for a room that had not been occupied for the last 14 days.

We spent the afternoon relaxing on the outdoor terrace of their Red Sugar lounge. The view was mesmerizing but the best part was just our time together, being silly and goofy as always.

Our dinner at Kerry Hotel was a sumptuous buffet, with so many choices it would’ve been impossible to take even just a small bite of each. We were so full from dinner we took a loooooong stroll along the harbor well into the evening, admiring the incomparable night view of Hong Kong’s skyline.

In between all these “big” celebrations, there were also a ton of day to day moments that were just as precious…

…such as my daily “pretend play” with Brady where I’m usually the villain and he the hero.

…such as all of us accompanying Brianne to get her ears pierced for the very first time.

…such as our hilarious game nights playing charades.

…such as my “sister’s outing” with Mims.

…such as witnessing Brady take his first sip of chocolate milk.

…and so many more!

One place worth noting is Camellia, a super girly and charming restaurant inside the new and modern K11 Musea mall. We had afternoon tea there after our Kerry Hotel staycation and every single item was delicious AND Instagram-worthy! What a gem!

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