Our 2 Weeks in Bali (Part IV: Villa Singa)

After the Family Adventure Summit, we had one more week in Bali and were joined by some of our extended family from Hong Kong and SF! It was a mini cousins’ reunion for us and we enjoyed a restful and relaxing week in a beautiful villa on the coast of Southern Bali.

After being in busy Ubud for a week, it was a welcoming change of pace for us to spend the remainder of our trip in a quieter part of the island. Bali is known for its many luxurious, yet affordable, villas for tourists and we picked Villa Singa for its stylish interior, open floorplan, and breathtaking views.


We had a total of 4 families in this 6 bedroom villa, so Brianne and Bridgette got to have their own room, which they were super excited about. The villa came with a butler and a chef, a luxury that we weren’t use to, but happily welcomed. For the whole week, we were so pampered in Villa Singa there really was no reason to ever leave the property! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were cooked by our chef, the kids basically lived in the pool, and naps became a part of our regular routine. The woman who managed Villa Singa even helped us to arrange yoga lessons and massage treatments on site!

Despite our reluctancy to leave the villa, we decided that we would take one day to explore the temples and beaches nearby. We hired a driver with a van large enough to fit all 14 of us and headed out right after breakfast to hit one of the beaches in Southern Bali that had a lot of different water activities.

For several hours, our group split up where a couple of us stayed with the younger kids to play in the sand and the rest of us took a boat out to do a variety of water activities that included jet skiing, snorkeling, sea trekking, and jet-packing.

We were so exhausted afterwards that we decided we would skip our original plans to visit the temples in the afternoon. We had a late lunch at Bumbu Bali and then headed straight back to our villa where we all immediately jumped into the pool once again and remained there until dinner time. 🙂

On our last night in Bali, we got to surprise my cousin in law Peter for his 40th birthday with a birthday cake!

It was so hard to say good bye to our cousins and to leave the comfort of Villa Singa, but we will get to hold onto the wonderful memories we made together for years to come. We hope the kiddos will forever remember the times that we all shared on this extraordinary trip, from the magical sunsets to the hilarious pool volleyball games to the late night dancing and so much more!


One of the best parts of worldschooling for us is how it has opened up so many opportunities for our extended family to join us in different parts of the world. There’s something extra special about getting to spend time together abroad, and it becomes a great bonding experience. We will cherish all of these memories for the rest of our lives!

Ending here with a fun video we made of our time in Bali with this crazy group. 🙂

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