One Night Layover in Guadalajara, Mexico

Our eventful layover in Mexico City on our way to Bogota made me dread our layover going home from Bogota. This time, we would stay one night in another part of Mexico–Guadalajara. I’ve come to realize that long layovers when you’re homebound is not such a good idea because usually by the end of a trip, you’re already exhausted and just want to get home as quickly as possible!

Alas, I wasn’t going to pay extra to change our flights, so off to Guadalajara we went from Bogota while the rest of our family got to fly directly home. We arrived in the mid-afternoon and took a taxi to our hotel–AC Hotel by Marriott. Side note: We’re becoming more and more loyal to Marriott because overall, we’ve had mostly very positive experiences with all their properties. This was our first time trying out their AC Marriott brand, and it did not disappoint. The hotel was modern, spacious, filled with amenities, and very comfortable. 


Once we dropped off our luggages and had a chance to rest a bit in our room, we ventured out by Uber to the town square. It was a beautiful town square, bustling with people since it was the weekend. We didn’t have any agenda, so we just wandered around, ate some Mexican pastries, and then sat down to people watch for a little bit. We love observing and watching people in their elements, especially when we’re in a foreign country. You learn so much about the culture, traditions, and family dynamics when you take the time to look and listen!

In the early evening, we strolled through a night market near the Chapultepec area, where it really comes to life in the evening for Guadalajara’s nightlife scene. We saw lines after lines of people waiting to get into bars and nightclubs, limos driving by with rowdy groups of bachelorettes, and an endless array of restaurants. We chose a restaurant that appeared to be very local, Tomate, and enjoyed some pretty good tacos and quesadillas.

We left early the next morning, so we really didn’t get to explore too much of Guadalajara, but that’s okay, we will save it for a future trip as we love Mexico and will definitely want to be back!

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