5 Days in Bath, England

After our 5 days in Paris, we took a short flight and flew into Bristol, England. There, Bridgette got to have a reunion with her worldschooling bestie, Ruby! She was so excited at the sight of Ruby in real life once again that she just threw her luggage to the side and ran straight into Ruby’s arms, lol.

Ruby’s family is from Bristol, and they were back temporarily to take care of a few matters while housesitting a beautiful farm house in nearby Bath, so they graciously invited us to stay with them for the week. After picking us up at Bristol airport, we took a short drive to the countryside of Bath and arrived at the stunning, tucked away farm house…

Our week in Bath was very relaxing and uneventful, because the main purpose was just to let the girls spend some time together in person. They stay in touch throughout the year via Facetime, and while they see/talk to each other nearly 4-5 times a week through the screen, it’s just so special for them to actually be with one another in person.

They were joint at the hips the entire week. Seriously, they slept together, woke up together, bathed together, cooked together, sang together and did absolutely everything together! Their laughter filled the big farm house all throughout the day, and it was really heartwarming to witness their growing friendship.

We did manage to convince them to leave the farmhouse for a couple of outings together during the week. I took the girls to Bristol on one of those outings and visited the fun M Shed museum, strolled around Cabot Circus, and then met up with Ruby’s parents to indulge in some yummy English style Fish and Chips for dinner.

Another outing we had was to explore the town of Bath, which was so charming! We loved all the small vintage shops and the old architecture, and had a great time just wandering around.

Overall, we had a lovely time in Bath. Bridgette got to spend a week with her bestie, we got to explore a new place, and I found so much time to just relax and read! It was probably the perfect in-between place to be for our Europe trip. As always, it was hard for the girls to say good bye at the end of their time together, but after our week in Bath, Bridge and I packed our bags again and this time, took the Eurostar to the outskirts of London to visit our family friends there.




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