New Years Eve 2016

After two months of traveling abroad, we finally came home to spend the last few days of our 2016 here, but the fun certainly didn’t stop. My teenage cousins from Puerto Rico came to visit for their Christmas break, and they arrived the same day we did. Right away, we had outings lined up with them every single day, which actually helped with our jetlag greatly. In fact, it was the first time that we didn’t experience jetlag coming home from Asia!

Alan and I hosted a NYE party at our house, and we had a blast playing the game Pie Face again, just like last year. Bridgette wants this to be our annual tradition going forward, at least until she grows tired of eating whip cream I suppose.

When the clock struck 12, we all popped some confetti and rejoiced in the new year that arrived. So grateful to have shared that moment with our wonderful family!

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