2 Months in Hong Kong (Part I.)

We’ve been on the road (again!) for the last two months. My traveling style is usually to do short trips, but many of them, throughout the year. This is because I get homesick rather quickly, and it’s also to prevent long periods of separation between Alan and us. There are few people (and reasons) that would make me take an extended trip, to take me away from the comfort and familiarity of my life in the Bay Area. My sis is one of them.

It’s been almost ten years since I had Bridgette, so memories of the sleep deprivation, the anxieties, and the constant exhaustion that goes with caring for a newborn are distant to me. In the brief time that I was in Hong Kong back in September, I witnessed first hand how challenging it was for my sis to go through the strenuous process once again with her new baby (which you can read about on her blog here). I decided that I wanted to be by her side to help her get through this tough period.

My wedding season ended mid-October, so shortly after that, Bridge and I packed our bags (larger suitcases this time!) and embarked on our 2 month trip to Hong Kong. While I was a bit nervous about being away from home for so long this time, I experienced first hand how God shifts our hearts and perspectives when we’re living according to his will for us. It did not take long at all for Bridgette and I to feel completely settled into our new lifestyle in Hong Kong. We lived in the dormitory of the church just a short distance from my sister’s home and despite the massive size difference from our home in the States, we felt perfectly content there, grateful to have own own little space. Each morning, we would take a short stroll to my sister’s home and spend the majority of our day there helping her to care for my baby nephew.

Some days, Bridge and I would venture off on our own. We would navigate our way through the sophisticated public transportation system there and explore different parts of Hong Kong. We always try to get home before dinner time though, so that we’d be able to enjoy dinner and the evening with our family.

On weekends, we can always be found hanging out with our family, including grandparents and cousins!

Thanks to the generous unlimited PTO policy of Alan’s job, he was able to take 3 weeks off in December to join us in Hong Kong. Bridge and I missed him terribly for the first 5 weeks of our trip, so we were absolutely elated to reunite with him! He quickly immersed himself into our routine there, joining us for our morning walks and spending lots of time cuddling little Brady. And when he wasn’t busy with all the kiddos, he was out scouting for his favorite street food in Sham Shui Po and Mong Kok!


Part II. coming soon….



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