Our Year in Review 2015

Happy New Year! Our family had a really memorable 2015 and we feel so grateful for the adventures and opportunities God blessed us with through the year. Most of all, we are grateful for the times that we shared with families and friends both near and far. As we begin our unschooling journey in 2016, we look forward to having even more time to be with our loved ones! Here is our annual year end recap to reflect upon the wonderful memories we’ve created in 2015…

January–shortly after ringing in the New Year, I flew back to Hong Kong by myself to surprise my mom and sis for their birthdays. Alan joined a few days later and we headed to Singapore to visit our friends before spending a week in Tokyo with my cousins to celebrate Mimi and Alice’s 40th. Although I was sick for the entire duration of the trip, I still had an amazing time!

February–settled back at home just in time to celebrate my birthday and my father in law’s birthday before flying out to Hawaii for a girls’ trip with Mimi and Brianne to celebrate Bridgette’s 8th birthday! 

March–Back home again to celebrate Alan’s birthday up in Napa with a few of our cousins, and managed to stay put in the Bay Area for the rest of the month. 🙂 

March 2015

April–Bridgette’s first solo trip to Hong Kong for her Spring Break while I enjoyed a girls’ trip to Vegas for a few of my girlfriends’ 40th. The rest of the month consisted of weekly trips to Cabo for a big event I worked on, though we did manage to spend some quality time with extended family in between all the travels!

April 2015

May–With a big event in Cabo and 2 weddings in San Francisco, this month definitely tested my limits! Grateful for small moments here and there with friends and families to maintain my sanity, and to remind me of what’s really important.

May 2015

June–Bridgette finished 2nd grade and we spent a fun weekend in Yosemite with our friends before welcoming Mimi and Brianne to our home for the summer. A few days later, we flew to Vancouver, Canada together for our Alaskan Disney Cruise. After the 7 day cruise, we drove up to Whistler for more outdoor adventures and spent another week there before heading home to the Bay Area.

June 2015

June 2015

July–back in the Bay Area to enjoy the warm summer weather, with our weekly trips to the Farmer’s Market, food truck excursion at Off the Grid, BBQs, and other impromptu outings. Mimi, Brianne, Bridgette and I had our annual girls’ trip to Pismo Beach for our favorite clam chowder, blueberry muffin, and beach time! 

July 2015

August–I flew to Hong Kong to attend the memorial services for Chung Ma Ma and God worked miracles in me during one of the saddest times in my life. Grateful for the time that I had with her family to grieve together. Mimi brought Brianne and Bridgette back to Hong Kong shortly after and we spent two weeks there to soak in the last of summer before Bridgette started third grade.

August 2015

September–Celebrated my niece Mochi’s first birthday! Bridgette finally got to help me with one of my weddings, and weekends were filled with family dinners and ice cream outings.

Sept 2015

October–Traveled to New York City with my parents and in-laws and had a wonderful time touring around the Big Apple. More fun outings in the Bay Area which included a concert by OneRepublic, United Airline Family Day, Wedding FAM that had me biking across the Golden Gate Bridge for the third time, and Halloween activities with Bridgette dressed as a red carpet star once again! 

Oct 2015

Ofcourse, the best, most meaningful part of 2015 also took place in October….when I made the decision to follow the Lord and was baptized at New Beginnings Community Church by Pastor Monroe. Mimi even surprised me by flying over for the weekend to witness my baptism!

November–Thanksgiving was spent in Lake Tahoe with 8 families and 11 kids in one gigantic house! Lots of snow already and Bridgette finally learned how to ski down a bunny slope by herself! 

Nov 2015

December–so many serving opportunities through our church over the holidays, for which we are truly blessed to be a part of. The entire month was filled with holiday parties, a staycation at the Fairmont in San Francisco, and a really relaxing trip to Portland, Oregon with Mimi, Brian, and Brianne. 

December 2015a

December 2015b

Mimi gave me the biggest surprise of all to end the year…


We can’t wait to welcome her baby boy to the family in June, 2016!

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