2 Days in Vancouver

After the Disney Cruise, we spent another 2 days in Vancouver and hit the suspension bridge the gang. With so many kids, we took our time exploring, and really got to enjoy the different activities that were offered there.

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We continued to indulge in amazing food and enough sweets to keep the kids on a sugar high until late into the night!

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We stayed at the Pinnacle Hotel again since our last stay there from a few years ago was very pleasant. This allowed us to browse around the Lonsdale Quay Market again, which is like the Ferry Building in San Francisco, with lots of local artisans and food stalls.

On our last morning in Vancouver, Bridgette had an accident that almost sent us to the emergency room. She was in her heelys and skated down a ramp at our hotel which led to the parking lot. As she happily rolled down the ramp, she suddenly tripped over something and fell flat on her face. I ran after her, only to see her head in a pool of blood. Anyone who has experienced something like this will know how your knees immediately go weak and your heart drops to your toes, fearing for your child’s life. I was sure that she was badly hurt as she cried hysterically, with blood all over her face. There was so much blood I couldn’t even figure out where it actually came from. I carried her in my arms and took her back inside the hotel, while a trail of blood followed us along. The staff at the Pinnacle Hotel saw us, and immediately rushed to help us. We did our best to wipe all the blood off of Bridgette’s face, and to our amazement, could not find a trace of teared skin. After Bridgette calmed down, we asked her to identify any source of pain. To our amazement once again, the only pain came from a few minor scratches on her legs. We suspected that the impact probably hurt the veins inside her nose, which caused all the bleeding. But since the bleeding has stopped, we didn’t feel the need to take her to a doctor. Instead, we just let her rest in the bathroom, and one of the hotel staff offered her ice cream, which cheered her up right away. Thank you God, for watching over us!!


Last, but not least, here’s a cool video Bridgette (yes, Bridgette!) made to recap our awesome time on the Disney Cruise!

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