Orlando Trip 2014 {Part II: Disney’s Blizzard Beach}

Our day 2 in Orlando was spent at one of Disney’s two water parks there–Blizzard Beach. In hindsight, I think that was my favorite activity in Orlando. I just can’t rave enough about the way Disney runs their parks and ships. The experience is so well thought out for its guests, making Disney live up to their “magical” reputation!

The planner in me couldn’t resist on doing a bunch of research beforehand, and I had read that it was important to arrive right at the park’s opening hour to hoard beach chairs. We ended up sleeping in and eating a slow breakfast that morning, so we arrived about an hour later than desired. To our surprise once again, the crowd was thin and there was no need to hoard chairs at all. We quickly found ones to lay down our towels and belongings and went on our way to the wave pool right away!







florida9I didn’t take too many photos at Blizzard Beach since I was in the water with the girls most of the day. There was a nice variety of slides, including a few thrilling ones that were almost a 90 degree vertical, which only Alan went on. The girls’ favorite was the “family slide,” where we all sat in one big inner tube down a slide filled with lots of turns. As with all Disney parks, this one was exceptionally clean and well-maintained. I was impressed at the feet level sprinklers available throughout the park that allowed us to rinse our feet all the time. We had such a great time, and it’s safe to say that if we were to ever go back to Orlando, we’d definitely keep Blizzard Beach on our itinerary.


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