Bridgette’s School Play 2014

Towards the end of each school year, the kids get to participate in a fun play that has a nice significance behind it. Last year, Bridgette was the crossing guard for her kindergarten school play which talked about all the different members that make up a community. This year, the theme was Hansel and Gretel….with a twist. It was a lesson taught to Hansel and Gretel that they should enjoy healthy food instead of the “junk and gunk” like candies and soda. Bridgette and her classmates have been practicing for weeks, and even I have begun to hum a few of the songs myself because I had been hearing them practice so much! The lyrics are hilarious, and the script is very well written by the teachers.

Tonight was the big night, and I was just as excited as the children for the big performance. Bridgette was one of the witches, and asked that I do some stage makeup on her. It was actually quite fun to try, and she looked pretty “witchy” to me with her green eye shadow, purple lipstick and straightened hair. 🙂





DSC_5077 DSC_5078 DSC_5079 DSC_5080 DSC_5081 DSC_5085 DSC_5086 DSC_5092 DSC_5095 DSC_5099

The kids did an outstanding job, and the costumes were fantastic. We are so proud of these first graders who are more than ready to become second graders! 🙂

….and here’s the video where the witches came out 🙂


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