Alan’s Big 4-0

The big 4-0 birthday hit Alan last month, and he officially rolled over to a brand new decade.  Aging is kind of like a roller coaster ride. It’s a little scary, but can be an exciting adventure as you whirl head-on into the unknown. There will be times when you’re rushing forward full of adrenaline, and there will be times when you’re thrown a curve so unexpectedly it kind of takes your breath away. You know it’ll always slow down in the end though, and for the time being, it’s best to enjoy the ride.

There’s always this denial in us when we reach milestone birthdays. “Where did the last 10 years go?” we wonder. Then, there’s this panic of “did I make the most of the last decade?” Birthdays, especially milestone ones, reminds us how time fleets. So, while we may have felt we had all the time in the world when we turned 20, we realize at 30, 40, 50, and so on that our time is indeed limited and we should make the most of each day that God blessed us with. No, I don’t mean spending another year of sleepless nights being a workaholic to climb up the corporate ladder. And I don’t mean trying to come up with a new business plan that could help you make millions. What I mean is that it’s time to slow down (for once!), and think about your life. What makes you happy? What really, truly makes you happy? What matters to you most? It’s a good opportunity to get to know our inner selves, so that we can live a life that is truly meaningful to us.


For Alan’s 4-0, we took a staycation right here in the Bay Area. I booked us a night at the Palace Hotel, and together with Bridgette, we pampered him with great food, spa treatments, and lots of love.




At 40, Alan got to take his first Muni ride around S.F., haha!
At 40, Alan got to take his first Muni ride around S.F., haha!

The following weekend, Bridgette and I threw him a small birthday party at home, and had the best time with our friends. So how does Alan feel to be 40? I think the photos below will give you a pretty good idea….. 🙂





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