Trip to Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto {Part II.}

After a restful first night in Osaka, we explored out to Kobe on the second day. Ipad mini and mifi in hand, we successfully maneuvered through the complicated subway systems and arrived to Kobe just in time for lunch.

There was no question as to what we would eat as our first meal in Kobe. Recommended by my friend Karen, once again, we indulged (and I mean really indulged!) in the best kobe beef we’ve ever had, here.


Karen also advised us that sweets and pastries are a MUST for any Kobe visitor. So, we indulged in some of the most amazing pastries we’ve had, followed by sweets, and more sweets. But in our defense, we made it to nearly 20K on our fitbit that day! 🙂



IMG_3318We made so many “sweet detours” that by the time we got to the Kobe Port Tower, it was nearly dark already.

IMG_3260Turned out that the night view of Kobe from the top of the tower was pretty magnificent, so it all worked out for the best! 🙂

IMG_3271IMG_3311We ate at a cozy, homey restaurant name Tooth Tooth in Kobe that night, but we were so full from all the sweets that we only shared an entree, a glass of wine….and more yummy desserts, haha!

toothtoothTrekking our way back to our Airbnb home that night was especially exhausting. We still couldn’t figure out the subway systems and ended up on the wrong train a couple of times. By the time we finally made it back, we barely had enough energy to shower before crashing in bed.

We decided to sleep in the next morning, to regain some of our lost energy from all the walking, and that definitely felt good. Our hosts weren’t available to give us a ride to the subway station, so we borrowed their bikes and rode through rice fields and narrow roads to get there. It was actually quite fun!

IMG_3321We spent the day just randomly exploring Osaka and somehow ended back in Nambi, as so many restaurants seem to be centered there. Without the stress of hitting up certain touristy spots or famous restaurants, our day felt relaxing, even with all the walking!

Alan won this for Brianne! :)
Alan won this for Brianne! 🙂




IMG_3332Part III, our day trip to Kyoto, coming soon…. 🙂



  1. Your trip looked fantastic. I am going to Kobe early September and so looking forward to it. I am from New Zealand it will be my first trip to Japan

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