Trip to Hollywood {Part II}

After our day at Universal Studios, we decided to take it easy on the second day in Hollywood. We ventured out to L.A. for a traditional Shanghaniese breakfast, only to leave after being seated for 5 minutes and witnessing a huge cockroach crawling on our table. Being my insect/rodent-phobia self, there was no way I could dine in a place where I could actually see those little creatures running around!

We went back to our hotel, and despite the cool temperature, spent a good chunk of the early afternoon laying by the pool. This is always Bridgette’s favorite part of any vacation–getting to be in the water!


Poolside dining is also another favorite of Bridgette's vacationing style!
Poolside dining is also another favorite of Bridgette’s vacationing style!
Chillin' with daddy
Chillin’ with daddy

IMG_0981IMG_0990IMG_0994When we finally convinced Bridgette to leave the pool, we drove to the nearby Mulholland Scenic Corridor to catch the glorious L.A. view from up high.

hollywood11hollywood10DSC_4437IMG_0997We couldn’t resist another evening of Korean BBQ, and then spent the later evening strolling at Universal CityWalk, where Bridgette used her allowance for a cartoon caricature of herself. 🙂

hollywood12hollywood13We packed up and checked out the next morning, but before hitting the road again, we made a pitstop to the year round Farmer’s Market and indulged in one of the most tasty belgian waffles we’ve had, at The French Crepe Company.


Despite the hiccups at the beginning of our trip, we had a really great time on this mini vacation. In the end, we didn’t even have to pay for the tow truck, rental car, or the servicing of the car because it turned out that the car broke down due to a recall issue from Lexus. What a wonderful example of how things in life just works out…. I had prayed for a “quick fix” that day, but God had other plans for us and as it turned out, those plans became the best memories for Bridgette on this trip. Praise the Lord!

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