Treehouse Stay

Awhile back, I had seen someone post a link on Facebook for a cool treehouse in Burlingame that could be rented on Airbnb. After seeing a short video of it online, I decided to book a night there for Mimi, myself, and the girls. This was ofcourse back in June, when Mimi and Brianne were still around.

To my surprise, every other person on the block must have found out about this treehouse too, because there was only one summer weekend open by the time I tried to book. Luckily, we were all available for that weekend! 🙂

Overnight bags in toll, we drove the short 10 miles from our house to Burlingame that day and enjoyed perusing around Burlingame Avenue in the afternoon. Since check in time was 4pm, we decided that we’d make the most out of our one night stay by stocking up at La Boulange Bakery for our dinner that would be eaten at the treehouse that night.

There was a major heatwave that weekend, so we were a bit concerned about the four of us being cooped up in a teeny tiny treehouse. As cool as the idea had sounded when I first found out about it, I realize that a heat wave could certainly ruin the experience for us.

Fortunately, there was plenty of shade in and around the the treehouse that kept the temperature pretty comfortable in there, despite the heat wave. Upon arrival, we followed the clear instructions from the owners that led us to our parking spot in the narrow street neighborhood, and then onto their property. We all became super excited when we finally saw the beautiful treehouse in front of us!

First view of the treehouse!
First view of the treehouse!

Nestled amongst a small forest of trees, the treehouse is slightly hidden from the neighbors, giving us a sense of privacy. The girls made a beeline towards the steep stairs that took us up the tree, and though it only took them all of 5 minutes to “explore” the interior of the treehouse, they were still very intrigued by it.


Bridgette went right for the top bunk!
Bridgette went right for the top bunk!

treehouse1DSC_4111treehouse2The interior of the treehouse is seriously tiny, but very comfy. There’s not much room to move around, but it’s great for lounging with a glass of wine. 🙂 There is a balcony wrapped around the exterior of the treehouse, with intimate seating areas that allow you really sit back and relax.

The girls’ favorite part of the treehouse turned out to be the old-fashion wooden swing that came with it, hung securely onto one of the large branches from the tree. They took turn pushing each other on the swing for nearly an hour, before it was time to spread out the picnic mats for our dinner. 🙂

treehouse4 treehouse3DSC_4129DSC_4134



We enjoyed a low key evening just swinging, exploring, and relaxing. While the girls took turns on the swing, my sis and I kicked back with a lovely bottle of wine! As the skies darkened, we took showers inside the guest house that we had access to, got into our pjs, and settled down for movie night inside the treehouse. The girls picked the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, an old favorite of mine!


treehouse5After all the sun and fun that day, we all slept quite well, though we debated for awhile if we should keep the doors to the treehouse open during the night. Technically, anyone could come in if we left it open, which felt a bit scary, but the alternative was to sleep without much air coming in. Being that we were in a fairly safe neighborhood, we decided to keep it open. 🙂

Ready to snuggle and cuddle inside the treehouse!
Ready to snuggle and cuddle inside the treehouse!

With no window shades in the treehouse, I awoke early enough to witness a magnificent sunrise while the others slept in. It was one of those rare moments where time stood still, and I was completely in the present moment…..mesmerized at how beautiful nature can be.

My view in the morning from the top bunk
My view in the morning from the top bunk
Silly girls in the morning
Silly girls in the morning

As part of the treehouse rental, breakfast was included for us, so once everyone was up, we trotted over to the guest house to find a light assortment of pastries and fruits ready for us.

The girls took turns on the swing a few more times before we waved goodbye to this awesome treehouse….





I have a feeling we’ll be back next year….. 🙂

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