San Diego Trip {Part III}

I never got to finish posting our San Diego trip. Yup, life kind of got in the way!

The house is so quiet these days without Mimi and Brianne. Bridgette has been spending a lot of time at her grandparents’ house, I’ve been working like crazy, and Alan’s finally getting to chill at home more. 🙂

It’s so nice to get to take a break tonight to post again, and looking at these photos really makes me miss my sis and Brianne!!

We spent our final day in San Diego at Legoland. Believe it or not, that was the fourth time that Alan and I had gone and it was a bit hard for Alan to be excited about it anymore, but I was excited for Brianne, Mimi, Brian, and Henry to experience it for the first time. We missed the new Legoland Hotel’s grand opening by one day, but from the looks of it on the outside, it would be super fun to stay there next time…..that is, if there would ever be a fifth visit to Legoland for us, which I kind of promised Alan there wouldn’t be! 🙂


The girls are so independent now. They wanted to go on rides without us.....
The girls are so independent now. They wanted to go on rides without us…..

DSC_3651Though it wasn’t very hot that day, the girls still wanted to hit the water park side of Legoland. Alan braved the cold water with them while Mimi, Brian, and Henry explored the rest of the park. As for me, I remained the official photographer of our trip of course! 🙂


DSC_3661We regrouped for the last hour, and though we really didn’t get to go on too many rides due to the long lines, the girls still had a blast.



I’ll end our San Diego trip posts with all the yummy eats we had throughout the trip…..which is always my favorite part of our travels 🙂


Stuffed french toast!
Stuffed french toast!


Yakitori night!
Yakitori night!






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