Gymnastics Spring Show

We signed the girls up for gymnastic classes at the beginning of the year, and they’ve been really into it! They love the stretching and the tumbling, and the fact that they get to see several of their classmates there as well. And for us…well, we love that they get to expend a ton of energy outside of the house. 🙂

For the past month and a half, they rehearsed diligently with the rest of their girls intro class in preparation for the Aloha Spring Show, which took place today. Along with what felt like hundreds of other girls in colorful leotards, they got to perform a floor routine which involved hula hooping, tumbling, and their favorite tabletop pose.

gymnastics1gymnastics2IMG_5385IMG_5402IMG_5410gymnastics3gymnastics4IMG_5438At the end, each gymnast was awarded a certificate of excellence, a medal, and 2 seconds of fame on the winner’s podium. 🙂


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