Hello from Hokkaido

It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve posted! I had every good intention to keep up with my blog on this trip, but I have yet had a decent hour to really sit at my computer ever since we arrived in Asia. Between our Hangzhou trip and Hokkaido trip, I’ve hardly settled into Hong Kong at all! Tonight is our last night in Hokkaido, and as much as Alan and I have enjoyed this meaningful time away to ourselves, we are looking forward to flying back to Hong Kong tomorrow to see our family again, especially Brianne and Bridgette, whom we miss dearly!

This Hokkaido trip was intended to be a quick getaway for Alan and I as we celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary this month. We are so thankful to have my family in Hong Kong to watch after Bridgette while we enjoyed this much needed time with one another. Through 5 short days, we’ve helped one another redefine what “marriage” means to us, and our own recipe for our marital bliss. I’m looking forward to sharing our insights here, when I have a little more time to focus on my writing! For now, here are a few shots of our wonderful, snowy Hokkaido trip…


  1. Can’t help to say a word here , you both look so good in these snowy pictures,( especially you look very beautiful ) a good-looking match couples.
    Congradulation ! You two can have a such memorable 9th wedding anniversary trip.

  2. Happy Anniversary !!! Wow … can’t believe it’s been 9 years 🙂 you’re such a lovely couple !!!
    I LOVE reading your blog Jubee … also enjoy looking at your beautiful pictures .

    Take care and Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you both, specially to little Brigette ><

    Much Love,


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